Cecina, a small town on the coast of Livorno, is Blue Flag of the European Union, the town and its marina, set between the blue of the sea and the green of the Riva degli Etruschi countryside, are known for their historical and environmental resources.

Cecina’s origins are very ancient, recent studies and finds date back to the Neolithic period. Already known in Roman times, it preserves the remains of the Roman Villa of San Vincenzino, a residential complex dating back to the period between the 1st century BC and the fifth century AD, where foundations, mosaics, floors and an intact underground cistern are visible.

The nice city, sees in the main street and main square, closed to car traffic, the shopping and meeting places for young people and families; also presents entertainment and cultural activities: there is a variety of theatrical programming and a lively sporting life, with numerous facilities: boules, water park and an important horse center, events and initiatives all year round.

The sea – The sea of ​​Cecina is blue, surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean macchia, the seaside is particular for its large spaces where you can stroll, ride on bicycle, on horseback; There is a well-equipped tourist marina.

Nature – The coastal area is characterized by the Tomboli, dune cords covered by a dense vegetation that pushes from the beach inwardly, protect the areas cultivated by the sea breezes that are rich in brackish in every season. On the beach you can find lilies and poppies in juniper, holm oak, sea and domestic pines offering shelter to various species of animals: wild rabbits, foxes, weasels, pigskins, roe deer and rats. Among the birds there are the locusts, bushes, green peaks, capes and dumplings.

The taste – The drinks are the prestigious wines, Bolgheri, Sassicaia and many others and the local oils that excellently accompany the culinary proposals while in the food the fish is the protagonist of the cuisine with fresh dishes and rich in flavors and traditions; Excellent also meats, cooked according to the Tuscan countryside tradition.

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