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Livorno, the capital of the homonymous province of Tuscany.

Originated by the Medici family in 1606 they made it a city, Livorno became an oasis of welcome for all religious, political or racial persecuted, enriching the introspection and customs of the most diverse foreign nations. Lively and well-connected reveals all its originality by strolling through its streets that can bear witness to three different cults, letting it be tempted by its typical dishes (the cacciucco, the mullets Livorno’s style, the famous poncio with the rum) where it finds all the Life of a crossroads of the Mediterranean, tasting a boat trip along the Fossi Medicei following the ancient pentagonal perimeter, crossing the sixteenth fortifications with the characteristic rosé color, to then go into the charming atmosphere of the historic district of Venice Nuova, built on the water.
An indissoluble city linked to the sea that is an integral part of its life, with a beautiful walk through gardens, scented plants and kiosks that inspired famous painters, elegant bathing establishments, the harbor and its activities.
The artistic patrimony of its six and eighteenth-century churches, beautiful examples of Liberty architecture, refined villas in which habitually lived internationally famous characters.

The city, greatly developed from the second half of the 16th century Medici before and Lorena afterwards, was an important harbor frequented by numerous foreign merchants, consulate offices and shipping companies. This contributed to affirming, since the end of the sixteenth century, the characteristics of multiethnic and multicultural city par excellence, which survive important vestiges such as churches and cemeteries, palaces, villas and public works indissolubly linked to the names of important foreign communities that They attended the free port until the second half of the nineteenth century. This international vocation led to the identification of the city as Leghorn in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, Livourne in France, Liorna in Spain, etc., similar to the most important state capitals of the time.

Between the 19th and early twentieth centuries, alongside the industrialization process, Livorno was also a tourist destination of international importance for the presence of renowned bathing establishments and thermal baths that gave the city the title of Montecatini to the sea.

The city is renowned for having given birth to prestigious personalities such as Amedeo Modigliani, Pietro Mascagni, Giovanni Fattori, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Elio Toaff and many more.

It is also the seat of the naval academy of the Navy, from here the magnificent sailing ship A. Vespucci.

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